Property Management Agents

Janet DiManno

Janet DiManno Photo
Owner / Broker
Phone: (518) 796-9710

Paulsen Rental Properties was formed in 2013 to meet a need for professional property management services in the greater Glens Falls area. Owners need conscientious managers who constantly keep the profitability of their investments in mind. Prospective tenants look for their ideal place to live owned and managed by responsible investors.

Holly Wheeler

Holly Wheeler Photo
Property Manager & Rental Agent
Phone: (518) 744-8847

In the process of creating a retirement plan, which was to buy foreclosed properties, renovate them & rent them, I stumbled upon a career I love. In 2004, I obtained my real estate license & we have since acquired both single & two family properties. This has taught me how to make money on the investment. Along the way, I started managing properties for other owners. My experience with finding & screening my own tenants, taught me how to find tenants that care about the place they're living & will pay their rent on time.